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Family…it’s something we hear so much about this time of year. For some it invokes feelings of love and connection and for others it brings up feelings of disconnect and dysfunction. The beliefs about family also contributes to continued trauma, abuse, people pleasing and the compromising of boundaries.

After the holidays, many are feeling the effects of spending time with "family" that drains them, leaves them feeling less than, regretting the choice to go, to "keep the peace" or do what's right, to their own detriment. I whole-heartedly agree with forgiveness and letting go of bitterness and resentment AND there comes a time when we need healthy boundaries with family and we have to work thru the guilt and shame of putting our well-being first and being the bigger person.

If you are feeling this too, know you are not alone. This has been a challenging year with our families, as it has been for many others and we chose healthy boundaries to protect our energy. It wasn't an easy decision, or one we took lightly because we wanted to be the bigger person, forgive and let go AND we can do that and still have healthy boundaries.

This quote came to me in a meditation to help with perspective when it comes to family. Sometimes for family is where you were placed to grow up in the world and their job may end there, that was all they were meant to do. And that can feel hurtful or freeing. For me it's acceptance.

Your SOUL FAMILY, your tribe, those are the ones that see you, they get you and they love and support you in ways your family never can. That's why they are there, to be your family and for you to be theres!!

So with this new perspective and acceptance you can spend your time and energy nourishing your Soul family and accepting your birth family for who they are and the role they played in your life.

If this is resonating with you, please check out the rest of this article published on Elephant Journal. Please like and comment there, so that more people like you will see it and hopefully bring some healing and peace to them.

You are NOT ALONE and ALWAYS welcome in our Soul Tribe!!

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