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Updated: May 27, 2020

Being a coach is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. What people might not realize is that I have still have my own lessons, hurts and pain to work through, just like all of you, and even though I have tools and intuition to lead others through powerful healings, I still have to do my own work, need my own coach, and have a support network of amazing people that help me on my soul journey to be the best version of myself I can for me, my family and all of you.

I have to face my own fears, even the ones hiding so deep I don't know are even there, I have to look at my own patterns that come up. I have to challenge my own beliefs and most importantly, in this specific lesson, sit with my emotions, however uncomfortable they may be, and really feel the depth of them to allow them to move through me and finally find closure and healing.

This feels counter-intuitive to me sometimes because I help people move past what is keeping them stuck, however to not underestimate or bypass the part of feeling it to heal it. A saying that first came up in Sedona a few years back, and one that I know and recite often, yet is one that takes deep honestly and openness for me to do.

Huge breakthroughs have been on the other side of this for me and a huge thank you 💝 to those that helped me see, process, feel, and make sense of it all. What's to come in the freedom of this is HUGE growth and the next big level in my life and business.

I'm committed to being honest and vulnerable with you because I ask you to trust me to do the same with me. I will share a powerful live video sharing the specifics of what has come up for me and how deep seeded messages and programming from the past can be controlling your life and you have no idea it's even there.

That my dear friends is why your soul journey is so important - to have the openness to look inside, the courage to face it and the desire in your heart to create something even more amazing for your life. 💝

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