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Congrats Goddess!

Beginning your morning in a sacred and intentional way will set the energy to flow through your day. My special gift to you is my GODDESS SACRED MORNING CEREMONY. You can listen to this before you even get out of bed to open your heart, raise your self-love and elevate your vibration.


This SACRED MORNING CEREMONY will remind you of your divine essence and worth, and help you be even more aware of the abundance of love and opportunities that surround you.

The KEY is to not just hear the words and think the thoughts. It's to FEEL IT all, allow it to radiate through your body and out into the world and get ready for the blessings to flow into you.

What you APPRECIATE, appreciates. What we focus on becomes our reality and I know that is not always easy, as I created this for myself first, to help me change my focus, feel more gratitude and raise my vibration. 

Goddess Sacred Morning Ceremonyby Michelle Bateman
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Sending You So Much Love Goddess

Be sure to bookmark this page to find your meditation easily each morning.


Let go and allow yourself to fully surrender to the Universes plan for your life, remembering it is all in your highest good. If you are struggling and need more support, I am here for you. Feel free to email me at and we can chat.  

Michelle xo

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