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TUESDAY April 27th - 7 PM MDT

Live Online Zoom Masterclass 



Is there something getting in the way of the life you want?

We will show you how to Unleash Your Confidence and Become UNSTOPPABLE 

with tangible tools you can apply right away  

Only 20 Spots

Very limited event...

Michelle Bateman

Founder & CEO of Soul Journey, Transformational Soul Coach, Speaker & Facilitator

Michelle Bateman
I have been so blessed to speak and coach some amazing women to create substantial results in their life.
I know exactly what it takes to Unleash Your Confidence and how to
give you the tools to use to feel Unstoppable in your life and business.
So if you're holding yourself back and not fully showing up in your life, this event is for YOU!!

What you will learn in this MASTERCLASS

Gain Awareness of what's holding you back

Learn powerful tools that produce results right away

Close the gap and show up for yourself and your life

Learn what's keeping you from showing up confidentially and that YOU have the power to change it. Knowing that you don’t have to rely on others to change leaves you in total control of the life you want to create.

You will come away with 5 Steps to Unleash Your Confidence and Become Unstoppable! When you see the changes in yourself and your life, the momentum will inspire you to continue your journey.

See how to move from where you are now, to where you want to be in life and business. You can now take control of how you show up to create a life you love. 

I'm showing up!

Michelle has helped me work past my fears that were holding me back  from my life and my passion project and now I am showing up, taking charge of my life and making things happen. I have worked through the beliefs that were holding me hostage from showing up fully. 

I have taken action and made so many new things happen. My new confidence just keeps growing as I do more new and bigger things.  I've transformed into the woman I always visualized and you can too!

Trish Bennet

i got results

I had tried so long to create the life and business I wanted but things kept getting in the way. I realized I needed help and that was OK. 

Michelle helped me breakthrough what's been holding me back to show up more confidently in my life and business. I would not have these results on my own.

I'm grateful for the tools along with feeling safe to explore what's been holding me back. Don't put off what you can do NOW, your life is waiting!!

Hailey Henituik 

i'm a new person


I'm so happy with the progress I made with Michelle. She gave me so many great tools that helped me come out of my shell and show up more of myself and it feels great.


My relationships with family and friends have improved and I'm so grateful for the loving support Michelle provided to help me do that. For the first time in my life I feel hopeful for my future.

I am a confident woman now and I'm looking forward to the next phase of my life!!


Natasha Whelan

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