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THAT'S MYRONY is My + Irony. This podcast episode came about after my Myrony encounter with host Alysha Myronuk at an online networking event where our mutal friend DeeAnne was speaking. We were randomly placed in a zoom room together with our friend DeeAnne, just the 3 of us. I literally just saw her business banner somewhere days before, reading about Myrony and how to say it. She says she's been seeing my name everywhere and was feeling like she needed to connect with me. The crazy part is we live in different countries and so we don't know where our paths kept crossing yet we the knew the Universe was pulling us together.

I told her I have the most crazy Myrony love story with Travis and how we met. She squeeled "that's perfect for my podcast That's Myrony, but don't tell me another word, I want to be surprised."

In the weeks to come, I'm on her show and Travis joined us later in the episode to share his side of this awesome journey we are on.

As the show began, more syncronicites were revealed on the show to our surprise.

I share how Travis and I met 6 months before we met and the video proof we happened up 1 year after it happened. You need to hear it to believe it as we also discover that our story begins in the US city that Alysha lives in, AND how she actually KNOWS our friend, Rosalyn Fung, that set us up. Remember... she lives in the US!! Now that's MYRONY!!

The world is small when your eyes are open to all the magical mryonies before you!

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