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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Join me and my soul sister Rosalyn Fung on ACTIVATE YOUR SOULGASMIC BUSINESS where we chat about how we met, how far I've come and how I am now helping other women in business show up in their business.

Is it time to get serious about your side hustle and make it your full-time income but you’re not sure how?

• Have you discovered your passion and purpose and feel overwhelmed where to start?

• Have to you tried to figure out this entrepreneur journey on your own and need step by step guidance?

• Are you struggling to charge what you’re worth and bring in the revenue you desire?

Not to worry, we got you. This episode will ignite something in you and excite you to move forward and make this next year your very BEST!!

Being an Soulpreneur can feel lonely, like we have to do it all ourselves. And as women we tend to take too much on, thinking we can do it all. WE DONT AND YOU DONT'. It's OK to ask for help and get guidance. Everyone that has created success didn't get there alone. I am where I am today because of the coaches, mentors and teachers I learned from. It's so much easier to let the experts show you the way, to FAST TRACK your success.

I love encouraging those with a dream inside of them, and watch them bring it to life.

I also share with the world, for the first time about my NEW SOULFUL IMPACT BUSINESS ACADEMY that helps Soulpreneurs create a clear vision to grow their business in 8 weeks! And stay tuned to the end as we do a very powerful visuliaztion and activation to level up you and your business.

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