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Updated: May 27, 2020

A happy loving family is dream we all have, yet for some that picture falls apart. Hopes and dreams are shattered in so many ways and often the people involved are shattered to.

So may emotions come up, anger, revenge, hurt, sadness, fear and so many more. It's a huge loss and you will move through many emotions in the process. So often people get stuck in the anger and revenge and cannot seem to move past it, in turn creating a lot of chaos and pain. Society often thinks that's the norm and people rally behind making him or her pay. What they forget is that they are making themselves pay with constant pain and drama, and so often the innocent children are caught in the crossfire.

I believe it's not the intention for parents to hurt their children, and I have made my share of mistakes in navigating this over the years. However I have learned from my children, my own actions and being part of others as the separate and co-parent successfully. I can tell you it is possible and it's so much easier, healthier and a way better way to live, when we put down the need for revenge and control and remember that was someone you once loved above all others.

Successful separation means respecting the person, not their behavior. Especially when there's kids involved. Your ex is still your child's parent which is 50% of your child. See them as the person that gave your child life, whom your child loves dearly, regardless of their behavior.

When you speak kindly of your ex, it makes you look like the good person. Find their positive traits, however small that list might be, and focus and communicate that.

Your kids will respect you so much more than if you are constantly bashing their parent and often will work against you in your relationship with them.

Honor the human that created them and you will honor them, and in turn honor yourself.

If you are looking for support navigating this, especially with the holidays coming up , please reach out. ❤️

On December 15th at Lifestyle Meditation in Edmonton, I am offering a workshop to share about Successful Separation and Co-Parenting. I will offer my experiences with what works and what doesn't, as well as how to apply spiritual principles to create the best outcome for everyone involved. It will be a powerful workshop, and just in time for the holidays. To find out more click here.

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