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Updated: May 27, 2020

Sometimes the Universe takes action when you don't! So glad it did cause now the Soul Journey begins.

Wow I can't believe I am sitting here writing this, really doing it!

"This is a dream come true, one of those crazy leaps of faith. There was something deep inside of me, calling to me, giving me the burning desire to learn everything I could to give me the resources and tools to help others. Of course life always comes along to teach you, even where you least expect it."

Today is the day I release my dream into the world. Soul Journey Transformations is officially open for business. Just over 3 months ago I was at a Tony Robbins event #tonyrobbins and he said "stop making excuses why you can't do the things you really want to do! Draw the line today and make the decision." Right then and there I decided to do this!!! OMG I had no idea how, but I decided I was going to. It was time. I'm ready, I can do this. That was such an energizing and scary thing all at the same time. I was in for the most fulfilling amazing journey.

I'm honored to know that I am following my heart and making my dream a reality.

"I am proof it's never too late to follow your dreams"

Soul Journey is going to impact the way women live their lives. They will discover who they are and create a life they love. In doing that, they will empower their families to live a more fulfilling life, changing the way we live. A renewed excitement will replace the auto-pilot way of living.

I want to say thank you from my heart for all the love and support to begin my journey. I want to thank a man that I love dearly for helping me become the woman I am today and teaching me so much about love, forgiveness, focus and grace, without him this wouldn't be possible. My beautiful daughters believed in me and made sacrifices to help me realize this dream. My super awesome business coach that walked me through step by step, calming my fears, pushing me to see my own strength, guiding my vision, giving me clarity, and showing unbelievable encouragement and faith in my gifts. And to everyone else that encouraged and believed in me, your support was so valued. I love you all.

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