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Updated: May 27, 2020

We are all facing unprecedented times and no one really knows how to cope with all this. From isolation, to working from home, maybe homeschooling kids to the uncertainty of the future, it can feel like a lot. But you're not alone, we're in this together and it's proven to help people cope better when they don't feel alone. We're in this TOGETHER!!


1. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF - this isn't the time to be hard on yourself for not feeling motivated, feeling sad, lost, confused or any other emotion you might be facing. Be loving and gentle with yourself. It's ok to feel a wide range of emotions and they may occur all at once, they have for

me and its OK. Don't beat yourself up or take it out on others. Say loving and kind things to yourself, just as you would to a friend that was struggling. Be your own best friend and make sure you are practicing self care.

2. BE MINDFUL WHAT YOU CONSUME - the news is designed to bring fear and uncertainty and the more you consume it, the more stress you will feel. So if you feel uneasy and more stressed when yo

u spend too much time on social reading about how bad things are and keep checking the news, that's a signal to not consume that. The more I checked the stats to "stay informed" the more stressed and fearful I felt. I am choosing to consume all the good that is coming out of this, people singing in the streets, people helping others and my personal favorite is a talking dog "Pluto Living" on social. She gives out humorous tips to get through this pandemic and she makes me laugh each time and has some wise wisdom too.

3. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS & FOCUS - what you think creates your reality. When we focus on everything that is wrong we feel bad. When we choose to fill our mind with podcasts, books, audio and video that feed our soul, our focus shifts to more positive thoughts which then changes the way we feel. Start looking for the good in life...which leads us to #4.

4. HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE - what you appreciate, appreciates. Now more than ever we need to look for all the good in our life, in each other and in this pandemic. Otherwise life will feel heavy, uncertain and can overpower you easily. Before you get out of your bed and before you fall asleep go through at least 5 things that you are grateful for. And yes the big given ones like health, family, food - but I challenge you to go deeper and really feel it, like I'm grateful for my partners smile, it fills my heart, I'm grateful for my friends that check up on me, I'm grateful for the laughter I had today, or the coffee that smelled and tasted soo good, sitting on my deck, feeling the sunshine on my face, or the amazing colors of the sun set. These are all things I'm deeply grateful for. It's the quickest way to change how you feel.

5. HAVE FORGIVENESS AND GRACE - patience is key to get through this and it might be the one thing you feel you misplaced and you're hoping that at any moment someone will return it back to you. I get it, being at home with the same people all the time that are experiencing their own stress in their own ways can be challenging and emotions are high. I know I have been super sensitive to things that wouldn't have been a big deal in the past. And Travis my fiance is so patient and holds space for me and loves me anyway and doesn't hold it against me. He's doing his best and so am I. We have to be forgiving and extend grace to the people we care the most about, because they aren't trying to hurt you or be insensitive, they just have their own process. With that being said I need to clarify that if you are being hurt or mistreated that is a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME. The sad truth is domestic abuse is on the rise with all the increased stress and people are trapped with their abusers without reprieve. I get it, I was there, and I knew it was wrong but I didn't know how to leave and I didn't have the courage to do it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that if you are being hurt mentally, emotionally or physically that its NOT OK. Just because he is stressed or drank too much, still doesn't make it ok. I am here to support you and you don't have to go thru this alone. You can email me through my website and put the subject "what's the plan" and I will know you need help and you can give me details how to reach you.

6. STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE - try to live as close to your previous normal as possible. That will help you feel a little more normal in these not so normal times. I know you might be tempted to lay around all day eating snacks if you're not working but you can only do that for so long before it takes a toll on you. We all love to not wear a bra and be super comfy in our stretchy pants, but I know if I do that, my regular pants likely won't fit anymore. I feel much better and more motivated when I shower and pick clothes that I feel good in (while still feeling comfortable at home) some days you might want to dress up, just for the fun of it and I say go for it. Do what makes you feel good. Some days it's no makeup and a bun and other days I miss having my hair and make up done, but I do it for me, not because I feel I need to. I'm sure most have you have seen me do Facebook Lives with no makeup and many mornings Travis will go live before I have even combed my hair lol.

7. GET OUTSIDE - Now that the weather is nice, get out and get some fresh air, connect with nature, it feeds your body and soul. Sunshine makes Vitamin D in your body which creates a whole host of positive health benefits. It will lift your spirits and make the 6 months of winter feel a bit lighter. You can start some yard work and fix up your space to feel good. Plants and flowers can help brighten your spirits as well.

So doing these things will help you get through this time but it's not a miracle cure that will ensure you don't feel anything anymore. You are still allowed to have your ups and downs, this will just help you minimize them.

I am here for you, our Soul Tribe is here for you and together we will get through this and once this is over well will have a great big celebration party!!!

Sending so much love

Be safe


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